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Announcing DAGGER HILL by Devon Taylor!

Hello Swooners!

Long time, no see! For a lot of reasons. It’s been a wild year, and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and, most of all, reading lots of books. Or bingeing lots of TV shows. Or spending a bunch of valuable time with family/friends/loved ones of any kind. I’ve been doing all that, but I’ve also been off the grid for almost a year now working on something that I’m really proud of and that I hope you’ll all be super excited for… MY NEXT BOOK!!!

Welcome to Windale, Pennsylvania, the setting of my new novel, Dagger Hill. If you were a big fan of my first two books, The Soul Keepers and The Ghost Seekers, I’m here to tell you that this book is… nothing like those ones. In fact, Dagger Hill is the kind of book that I thought I’d never be able to write. It’s inspired by a love of horror and science fiction that spans my entire life, a nostalgic yearning for a time that I only just missed out on: the '80s, and the naturally creepy vibes of small-town America. The book takes place over the course of a single weekend in 1989 and the story is as terrifying as it is fun. But I’ll let you be the judge of that. You can check out Dagger Hill when it hits stores on August 17, 2021. Just remember to read it with the lights on.

Also, if that wasn’t convincing enough (I’ve never been great with elevator pitches) then I have something extra awesome to share with you: THE COVER!!! Illustrated by the wildly talented Heather Vaughan, who captured the characters and the retro horror essence of the book perfectly. Oh, and the bugs. Can’t forget about the bugs.


Look at it! I cannot wait to see this book on shelves and to hear what everyone thinks of the story. These characters have been sharing their nightmares with me for a while now. I think it’s about time they share them with you, too…

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