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Announcing THE CON CODE by Shana Silver!

My first book, Mind Games, came out back in August and I’m so excited to be announcing my second book, The Con Code, which comes out next summer! While the two books are technically in different genres (sci-fi for Mind Games, contemporary for The Con Code), they share a lot of similarities in tone, badass female characters with special skills, and fun hijinks.

The Con Code is a “YA White Collar meets Ocean’s 11” that centers around Fiona Spangler, a teen con artist and forgery artist. Fiona forms a crew of teen criminals in order to find her fugitive mother, who went on the lam a few years ago and left behind some cryptic clues to her location in the least obvious places possible: hidden in forgeries strewn throughout the country. If Fiona and her crew can replace the forgeries and find the clues, they might be able to find her mother… and also find the jackpot of stolen art at the end of the rainbow.

Fiona’s crew consists of her best friend, Natalie, a master of disguise whose priorities are slightly out of whack: slipping someone ex-lax to screw up their Debate speech? Totally fine. Math homework? Totally not. Tig, a talented hacker with a penchant for fedoras and silence. She may or may not be Natalie’s love interest. And Colin, a rival con artist with a vendetta against Fiona… and possibly a crush as well.

Together the crew will have to evade the encroaching FBI, hide out on a teen tour, and complete several dangerous heists in order to find the clues.

This book was so fun to write! I enjoyed putting the characters in difficult and dangerous situations. I loved writing the “enemies to lovers” trope and all the banter that comes with it.

And I love the cover even more! The cryptogram in the background plays an important part in the plot. Liz Dresner did such a good job creating an eye catching cover that captures Fiona’s spunk and the story itself.

TCC cover

I can’t wait for you all to read this book!

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