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Announcing BETWEEN FROST AND FURY by Chani Lynn Feener!

When I first saw the cover for Amid Stars and Darkness, my second thought (after all the WOWs playing on repeat) was that it couldn’t get any better than this. How could any other cover ever even hope to compare, let alone rival, the cover for Amid Stars and Darkness? There was no way. Nope. Wasn’t going to happen.

I was so incredibly wrong.

It’s pretty much been destroying me not being able to share the cover for the sequel, Between Frost and Fury with you all, it’s that good! But now I finally can!

So, here it is…

 Between Frost and Fury cover FINAL

Isn’t it amazing?! The colors, the font, the floating figures of Delaney and—actually, I’ll let you be the judge of whether that’s Trystan or Ruckus—the way it all comes together so perfectly… I could go on about this all day. I honestly flip-flop between loving it more, or at least just as much as, the cover for book one! I’m sure when I finally have a physical copy in my hands, I’ll pair it with Amid Stars and Darkness and just stare at them like a weirdo for an hour. Or two.

For those of you who are equally excited about this, I feel it’s important I confirm Between Frost and Fury does start basically right where Book 1 left off!

Without giving anything away, this book sees Delaney back on Xenith, yet again under less than desirable circumstances. This time she gets to experience different parts of the planet, meet new people, and see a few others she thought she’d never (have to) see again!

I honestly wish I could tell you more… but I can’t!

I can however tell you how eager I am for this to come out, and for all of you to get to continue Delaney’s story! This book was so much fun to write, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without all of you awesome readers there cheering me on (and Holly, my editor).

Anyway, thanks to everyone for all of your support, and I sincerely hope you love the cover of Between Frost and Fury every bit as much as I do, because it’s gorgeous, and perfect, and… I’m going to stop, or we really will be here all day.

Thank you! 

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