Announcing THE (BEST) WORST CASE SCENARIO by Sandy Hall!

sandyFor the record, there is nothing “old hat” about announcing a book.

It feels different every time, with a kaleidoscope of emotions that change book to book.

But with this, the announcement of my fourth book, The (Best) Worst Case Scenario, I realize that there are some things that are always the same. One of those things is the actual announcement. It relies on a three-part strategy that comes down to the three D’s of book announcing. Delight, about the book and the announcement and life in general. Development, where you talk about where the idea came from. Description, giving the reader an idea of what is this new story is all about.

Without further ado, let’s get this party started.

I am thrilled to announce my fourth book. I am so excited to finally get to talk about it in detail and I really hope you guys all love it too! (That’s the delight portion.)

The idea came from my recent obsession with Broadway shows. (And here is the development section.) I’ve been making a point of seeing a show a month for a little more than a year now There’s just something about musicals that absolutely captivates me these days, so it seemed like the right time to take my love and share it with a character in one of my books.

(Now I get to wow you with the description.)

There are two things Sarah Bennett is obsessed with. The first is considering her life as a series of best and worst case scenarios. The second is musicals. Big, bold Broadway musicals, with catchy tunes and energized dance numbers.

She’s rallied her group of friends for a 24-hour lock-in at the local YMCA for an event called Overnight Ovations. Yes, yes, she realizes this sounds kind of dirty, but she’s not going to make any lewd jokes about it because she knows it’s the key to her future.

During these 24 hours, groups of high school students from her area will write, choreograph, and produced short musical scenes on a given topic. If she can write a solid song at this event and get it performed successfully, she’ll have a great story for her college admissions essay and it might help her get into the school of her choice. She really wants to major in musical theater, because even though she can’t sing a note, she hopes it’ll get her on the road to writing musicals someday.

Things of course go awry, secrets are revealed, nerves are put to the limit. But there’s a really cute, somewhat mysterious, guitar-playing boy in her group named Austin. That definitely helps as the rest of her world falls apart around her in just the span of a day.

With any luck, he’ll help turn one of the worst days of her life into a best case scenario. Or at the very least, a BEST WORST CASE SCENARIO.

Come back tomorrow for cover voting!

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