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And the winning cover for WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU DEMONS is...

Like 100% of all other Swoon Reads authors, I love cover voting. The Swoon Reads community selected the perfect cover for my first book, Wesley James Ruined My Life, and I knew that you wouldn’t let me down with the cover for my upcoming book When Life Gives You Demons.

For this book, I had four incredible cover options, all from the amazingly talented Liz D. But while there were things that I liked a lot about each of the options, I have to admit, I was deeply, head over heels in love with the lemon cover. And I am thrilled to announce that the Swoon Reads community agreed!


Thank you to everyone who voted. This cover suits the book perfectly. I’m so excited to get When Life Gives You Demons into the hands of readers next summer.

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