And the winning cover for WESLEY JAMES RUINED MY LIFE is...

One of the many wonderful things about being an author with Swoon Reads is the chance to work with a team of amazingly talented people. I’m fortunate to have had two very gifted designers working on a cover for my book, Wesley James Ruined My Life. I wasn’t sure how they would interpret the story, but based on past Swoon Reads covers, I knew I was definitely in for something great.  

And great is what I got. Better than great, actually, because I ended up with three INCREDIBLE covers. All three had a different vibe, which I thought was really cool as well as a testament to the designers creative talents. 

But I have to admit, there was one cover in particular that I felt best captured the spirit of the story. One that made me happy every time I looked at it (which, I will admit, was a lot). The voting was so close, at times just a handful of votes apart, but I’m delighted to report that in the end, the cover I first swooned over is the one that was selected!

I am so excited to announce that the winning cover for Wesley James Ruined My Life is…

DM WJRML Food Truck

Thank you to Danielle M. and KB for their amazing designs, the Swoon Reads team, and everyone who took the time to vote or comment!

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