And the winning cover for THE TRUTH ABOUT HAPPILY EVER AFTER is...

It was love at first sight.

I was nearly blinded by its dazzling beauty; I immediately fell head over (literal) heel. It felt like... the One.

And so I am tremendously happy to announce Eileen S.'s shoe design as the winning cover concept for The Truth About Happily Ever After!


The cover voting process is among the more thrilling milestones along the pathway to publication, and this time was certainly no different. I thank all the members of the Swoon Reads community who participated, because your responses are always eye-opening, helping me see the covers in new ways, giving me new ways of understanding how different images would draw you to my story. After reading your comments, I totally understand why it was such a close race—I mean, we had that powerful visual punch from those pink boxing gloves Becca used to obliterate Alyssa's "dream wedding" vision; the sweet quirkiness of her frog prince cover, which is such a great representation of Alyssa's journey in discovering how one really tells a prince from a frog; and the beautiful imagery of Eileen's crown cover, which is just so delicate and pink

But ultimately, nothing says Cinderella like that iconic slipper, and like me, I think many of you instantly adored the powerful symbolism of such a beautiful image crumbling and how it relates to this book. Coupled with the whimsical blue and transposed over the theme park background, it's 110% fitting for this story. 

Because what do you do when your dream comes apart at the seams? You pick up the pieces, pull yourself together... and discover that sometimes real life is way better than the fantasy. And trust me... no one knows this better than Alyssa. ;) 

I can't wait to share her story with you, and I can't wait to see the final creative tweaks the talented cover artists put into effect to make this cover even lovelier. Stay tuned, Swoon Reads community... and thanks for voting!

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