And the winning cover for TRAVELER is...

The comments have been read, the votes are tallied, and it's all done. What a group of covers to choose from!

Honestly, they were all amazing—and here's where I make my confession. Throughout this whole process of submitting, being chosen, working with the editors and revising, my biggest worry was the cover.

Petty, I know. But I had a fantastical story, and a book cover can honestly make or break you. A good one is worth its weight in gold. I hit the jackpot with all four of the final designs, and I just want to give a shout out to Eileen S., KB and Rich D. for their amazing work.

the rock clap gif

I would have been proud to have any of those covers on my book. The competition was fierce... the voting frantic and furious... which would it be? You could cut the tension with a knife!


Everyone had their favorite, but there can be only one! So without further ado, and with all appropriate fanfare, let me enthusiastically announce the winning cover direction for Traveler!

Traveler RD Swirl Cover


Rich D.'s spiral is a captivating design. It's eye-catching from the start and I love the forward motion of it. Jessa's story is a journey, not just through all her other lives, but also a journey that helps her define herself and what really matters to her. I love the colors on this cover, I love the quiet mystery of it, and most of all... the pirate ship! Because we love our pirates, don't we?


Can I tell you how happy I am? I mean, ridiculously, smile-stuck-to-my-face happy! Now we commence with the victory dance because this book is going to be slammin' good from cover to cover.

I can't wait to hold this in my hot, sweaty little hands. Thanks so much to all of you who voted and commented. I simply could not be happier!

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