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And the winning cover for A SOLDIER AND A LIAR is...

Like pretty much every author ever, I have always dreamed of the day my book would get its cover. What would it look like? Would it be as badass as I hoped? What elements of the story would be included? (I have to apologize here to Holly and Anna for badgering them so much about my cover options beforehand. Thanks for putting up with all my questions!)

So of course I was BEYOND psyched when my cover options landed in my inbox. From the very beginning, there was one that stood out to me: dark, striking, and somehow so fitting for the story I’d set out to tell. But they were all wonderful covers, and so I watched cover voting anxiously, wondering which one readers would like the most. Now, I am incredibly happy to announce that the Swoon Reads community shares my love of one cover in particular.

Without further ado, the cover for A Soldier and A Liar is here!

ASaAL revised cover

A Soldier and A Liar is all about a team learning to trust each other and come together to prevent a war from breaking out. It starts with Lai, seemingly alone, keeping more than a few secrets, who regards her new teammates as little more than troublesome, equally distrustful people she has to deal with in order to reach her goals. That feeling of heading off to battle alone is just like her, and the darkness she’s marching into feels perfect both in terms of all the secrets everyone is hiding as well as the murky, uncertain future everyone is trying to prevent.

Thank you so much to everyone for voting and commenting your thoughts! I’m thrilled to have this cover as the face of my book, and I owe it all to the amazing Katie K. for designing it and you guys for choosing it. Thank you!

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