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And the winning cover for MATCH ME IF YOU CAN is...

For the longest time, my book didn’t have a title. We knew we were going to change it, but we couldn’t find something that fit. So, when we eventually landed on Match Me If You Can, it was such a relief! I could finally talk about my book in more solid terms. Before, it had been ambiguous, but a title made things more real somehow.

That’s how I’ve felt about the cover too. When I first saw the three options, I was giddy. I honestly loved them all. And seeing the options sitting in my inbox was like putting a face on my book. It wasn’t vague or uncertain anymore: It was real, it was happening!

I would have been happy with any of the options, and I’m not just saying that. Each one represented a different side of my story. They were fun, flirty, and romantic, and I couldn’t help but refresh the page non-stop during my cover voting.

There can only be one winner though, so I’m excited to present the winning cover direction for Match Me If You Can!


 I can’t wait to see the finished product and share my book with you. This cover is such a great representation of my story. It’s romantic, and soft, and perfectly captures the sweetness of first love.

It’s all finally coming together. It’s real! It’s happening!

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