And the winning cover for KISSING MAX HOLDEN is...

Cover concept voting is one of my favorite parts of the Swoon Reads experience. Long before I uploaded Kissing Max Holden to the site, I was reading this blog—getting to know the Swoon Authors, picking up writing and industry tips from the Swoon Staffers, and enthusiastically voting on various cover concepts. When I found out Kissing Max Holden would be published by Swoon Reads (yay!), I couldn’t wait to see what the talented cover designers would come up with for my debut.

Guys, I’m so fortunate—my book received four lovely cover concepts!

At first, it was hard to choose a favorite. I loved the whimsy of the kitchen concept, the timelessness of the truck concept, the intensity of the nighttime concept, and the romance of the fence concept. My family and friends had plenty of opinions, too. It was so much fun to hear their feedback, and read the comments all of you left on the voting post. I was thrilled by excitement everyone had regarding my story’s cover directions!

Eventually, one of the designs began to stand out to me. There was something about its tones, its symbolism, and its couple—their position and their clear affection for one another other—that, for me, truly captured the feeling of Kissing Max Holden. I loved this particular cover so much that I started to quietly root for it, all the while obsessively checking the Swoon blog to track its numbers.

Luckily, many of you felt the way I did, because my favorite cover, the one I feel best represents Jill and Max’s story, is the clear winner!

BS KMH Fence

Thank you so much to Becca S. for creating such a beautiful cover concept. And thank you for voting. I’m also grateful to everyone who shared about my cover via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. This cover selection experience has been exactly as wonderful as I’d hoped, and that’s in large part because of all of you. <3 

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