And the winning cover for INTERNET FAMOUS is...

Whenever I write a book, I make a fake cover and set it on my dresser. It’s a daily reminder, during the grueling months of editing and revision, of what I’m ultimately working toward. Because some days I really need the visual inspiration! 

unhappy typing

I get so used to my cheesy homemade cover that I occasionally forget it’s not the real one. Then the cover contest arrives and I discover there are other versions of it. Really GORGEOUS, full-color, fabulous covers! Ones I would LOVE to see on a bookshelf.

IF covers feature 

Each of the options for the Internet Famous cover took my breath away. How in the world was I supposed to choose when I loved them ALL?!

i love them so much gif 

From the little suburban house, which so perfectly captures Madi’s offline life, to the phone where her Snapchat dates with Laurent take place, to the interconnected web of computers linked one to the other… Each and every variation had something I NEEDED for the cover of Internet Famous.

Luckily for me, the Swoon readers came to the rescue, voting in their favorite!

i have done the research gif 

I am THRILLED to announce the cover for Internet Famous! The purple background is so pretty and the two-sided phone covers—connecting Madi and Laurent—perfectly convey the long-distance relationship that fills the pages. I LOVE the interface of connections between the two, with the name of the novel tying them together: Internet Famous. I couldn’t have designed a better image than this!

IF ES Purple cover

Thank you to everyone who voted! I love this cover and I can’t wait to share Internet Famous with you!


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