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And the winning cover for THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF US is...

I think I speak for most (if not all!) of my fellow Swoon Reads authors when I say that cover voting is one of the very best parts of having a book published by this imprint. It’s exciting to see multiple unique directions designed specifically to represent your book, and even more exciting to see how the Swoon Reads community reacts to those directions.

When I received an email with a sneak peek of the three cover directions Liz D. and Becca S. created for The Impossibility of Us, I was beyond happy. I adored each one for different reasons: the dreamy pinks and super cute doodles of the “Beach” cover, the playful expressions and cool color pallet of the “Painted” cover, and the romantic pose and bold title treatment of the “Dandelions” cover. Quite honestly, I would be thrilled to see any one of those images on the cover of The Impossibility of Us.

But as the week of voting went on, I started to feel a particular fondness for one cover in particular. Luckily, the Swoon Reads community shared my fondness!

I give you, the winning cover direction for The Impossibility of Us


For me, the “Dandelions” cover best captures the mood of the story: romantic, hopeful, and a bit whimsical. It has a close up of Mati and Elise (who appear absolutely smitten with each other!), and it features dandelions, which are a major motif. I also love the clean, white background and the striking title font.

Basically, I’m in love!

Biggest thanks to Liz D. and Becca S. for the beautiful design, and thanks so much to everyone who voted and commented. I can’t wait for you to meet Mati and Elise next summer!

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