FMBTY cover voting

And the winning cover for FINDING MR. BETTER-THAN-YOU is...

My next book, Finding Mr. Better-Than-You, has found its cover!!!

This cover voting was a nail biter for me. I really had no idea which way the vote would go. There were five incredible choices.


This time around instead of online voting, Swoon Reads decided to do the cover voting live at the BookExpo and BookCon. They had a table with each cover on display. There was also a big container full of jelly beans. To vote, you just took a jelly bean and put it in the bowl in front of your favorite cover.


I was lucky enough to get to go to the convention, and I will admit, I hovered by the cover voting. I really spent a lot of time watching which one was winning! I couldn’t help it. When the cover voting is online, I constantly refresh my browser to see the updated vote, so it was hard to not watch when it was live. I was so curious to see which cover would come out victorious. (Thank you Swoon and Fierce Reads for being incredible and for letting me linger!) 

IMG_3718 2.JPG

Don’t worry, I didn’t influence any votes, I really wanted to know which one everyone liked best!  

The first day of the BookExpo the maze cover took the lead. 

But would it last?

Day two—the maze cover finished first again. I was starting to think this would be my cover. But BookCon started the next day and there was a possibility everything could change. 

I waited eagerly.

The maze kept its streak going.

It came in first both days of BookCon! (It also got the most love on social media).

So without further ado, I present to you my new cover!!!


This is a cover direction, so it could change a little, but I am so excited this one won. (I’ve already spent hours looking up fun maze related book swag!)

Thank you to everyone who voted and left comments! I can’t wait for this book to come out!

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