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And the winning cover for THE BIRDS, THE BEES, AND YOU AND ME is...

Swooners, this was THE author moment I've been dreaming about. Yeah, sometimes I think about holding my book for the first time, but it's hard to picture that moment if you have no idea what your book will look like. But now, I do!

I had exactly zero chill about my cover. I'd have phone calls with my editor Holly and we'd talk through changes and when it was time to wrap up, I'd sort of awkwardly stay on the line and say "so...what's going on...with...uh....the cover? Or whatever?" Finally, when we were talking line edits, Holly gave me some hints. And when I heard condoms and "safe sex paraphernalia" (a term that gets used in the book), I was so excited. So I was absolutely thrilled with the cover direction that won, hands down: THE EMOJI/ENAMEL PIN COVER!


Okay, what's so great about this cover, is not only is it fun and flirty (and, hello, the swag for this book practically makes itself) but it is basically like a million Easter Eggs! I don't want to spoil any Easter Egg-y surprises, but I will say this: it's no coincidence that there's an eggplant on the cover. 

I can't WAIT to see the final and to dream up enamel pins. And, now, I can perfectly picture that wonderful author moment of holding my own book for the first time. Won't be long now!

Thanks to everyone who voted and commented and spread the word about my book. I appreciate it so much!



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