And the winning cover for THE BIG F is...

Hi Swooners. This week and a half has been the most exhilarating part of the publishing process for me. I have valued and appreciated each time someone voted for a cover design direction for The Big F and/or left a comment with their thoughts. So many of you rallied your friends together to get out and vote (I’m mostly looking at you, Mom) and I cannot thank you all enough. 

I seriously loved each concept and got the warm fuzzies reading about each designer’s vision for the covers. Rich D., Danielle M., and KB—you all are rock stars. Thank you for making the choice extremely difficult and highly debated amongst my family and coworkers. :)

Since the voting page has been a permanent and constant tab on both my laptop and phone for the past week, I’ll share with you a list of things I did to distract myself from watching the voting 24/7:

1. I took really long walks around my neighborhood (sans phone).

2. I binge-watched British dramedies on Netflix (highly recommend Crashing and Lovesick).

3. I rewarded myself each hour I didn’t look at it at work (mostly with banana chips).

4. I deep-cleaned my apartment (while jamming out to Royal Teeth).

5. I fell into the hole of online shopping for fall (but ultimately deleted my carts when I came back to my senses).

As you can see, it is probably best for myself and those around me that the wait is over and the official, shiny cover for The Big F can now be revealed!

I’m so excited to announced that the winner is….

The Chalkboard Cover!

RD KB TBF Chalkboard

It’s fun, it’s eye-catching, and the F on her back just captures Danielle’s feelings throughout the book so so well. I gasped when I first saw this cover. It captured my heart right from the start, and I’m so thrilled it captured yours, too. 

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