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And the winning cover for ALL IS FAIR is...

I love looking at book covers and am always excited for cover reveals, so I’m thrilled to be able to show off the winner in the cover voting for All Is Fair.

One of the reasons I was very excited to become a Swoon author is because the team does seek out input from readers on covers. I do a school presentation called “Judge a Book by its Cover and Guess the Story,” which is a lot of fun and very eye opening as to the importance of the right cover. When the cover fits the story, readers are good at guessing what it’s about. When it doesn’t fit, it’s amazing to hear how far off a reader’s expectation can veer from the actual contents.

Cover artistry is such a talent, and I would have been happy with any of the three choices that artist Connie G. developed. My own family couldn’t come to an agreement on a favorite. We had a major debate on them with each person defending their choice.

I’m glad there was a clear favorite among the readers. I’m pleased to post that the Code Breaker cover won!

AIF Code Breaker cover

I love the color contrast of dark and light with the red highlights and I particularly love the small details. The biplane and the hints of coding with the rows of numbers really give a feel for the story. I hope readers will look at the cover and want to be drawn into Mina and Lucas’s world to share their adventure.

Thanks so much to all who participated!

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