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And the title for Tiana Smith's first book is...

You guys. YOU GUYS. I finally get to announce the new title for my book! DO YOU KNOW HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME? That’s right, all caps baby. I feel no shame.

So, originally it was called Scratch That. This was referring to my main character having to scratch some names out of a magic matchmaking notebook.


In edits, I removed all the magic from my book. No magic + no notebook = no scratching out names. So, the title no longer fit, and that was kind of a problem.

The Swoon Reads team went to Book Con in NYC and they asked the lovely attendants to come up with some suggestions.

book con title crowdsourcing

We also turned to the people of the internet, because the internet is all knowing and amazing. We crowdsourced the title on the Swoon Reads blog and got so many great responses. I even grew pretty attached to one of them, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

I was beginning to worry we’d never find the perfect title. By this point I’d thrown out at least twenty suggestions (Yes. I double checked my emails. There were that many. I’m sure they loved me.) Plus, there were about sixty comments on that blog post, so we’d gone through SO MANY TITLES already.

I sent one final email, a last-ditch effort with a few titles I’d thought of while trying to rhyme Match with everything under the sun. Latch. Batch. Hatch. Patch. Catch. Hmmmm… Catch.

I crossed my fingers and hit send on the email. I loved my suggestion. And luckily, everyone else on the Swoon Reads team agreed. Because I can now tell you that my new title is… 

Match Me If You Can

Yay! Confetti and cupcakes all around. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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