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And the title for Devon Taylor's first book is... (plus a cover reveal!)

I’m one of those people who’s lucky enough to have a really huge network of family and friends who are constantly there to lend their support with anything that I or my wife or our two girls are doing. So when they found out that I had landed a book deal and my novel was going to be published, they were all amazing. And they continue to be, always asking questions about the publishing journey and what’s happening now and how my current work-in-progress is going. They really are great. But when I told them a few months ago that the title of my book was going to be changing, most of them were mortified. They would look at me, aghast, and say, “How can they do that to you?? Aren’t you upset??” And I’d shrug and say, “Well… no.”

You see, coming up with a book title that you think is cool is one thing. Coming up with a book title that’s cool but is also marketable is something else entirely. The original title for this book (the title that I had come up with before I even wrote a single word, by the way) was Soul Sweeper. Which is neat and all, but it doesn’t really tell you a single thing about the book, something I hadn’t even considered when I was writing it. And so ultimately that title was scrapped, and through several rounds of brainstorming and crowdsourcing with you wonderful Swooners, a shiny new one was given to the book…

The Soul Keepers

Do you love it? Because I love it. It fits the story, sounds awesome, and looks killer in an edgy font. Was I a little sad to see the original title go? Sure. But this title is going to serve the book so much better.

Also, what goes great with a kick-ass new title? An even kick-assier COVER!!

Seriously, look at this…

 tsk cover final

Is that not the most metal thing you’ve ever seen?? The image that’s depicted on the cover is taken straight from a scene in the book, one of the original scenes I conceived before I started writing it and one of my all-time favorites. So to see this moment brought to life through this amazing illustration is honestly a dream come true. I can’t thank Rich Deas at Macmillan, who came up with the original idea for the cover concept and design, and the immensely talented Kevin Tong, who brought it all to life, enough. They did an incredible job.

And there you have it, folks. A brand new title, an AWESOME cover, and I can’t wait for you guys to read the story behind it all when the book hits shelves on August 28, 2018!

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