And the winning cover for HOW TO KEEP ROLLING AFTER A FALL is…

It was such a close race! And I can’t say that I’m at all surprised.

All of the cover options were visually beautiful, and I understand why the “voting public” would have a hard time picking one as a winner. But let me tell you…as the author? The person who experienced such an intense reaction to each of these options and what they represented? It was practically impossible.

I mean, we have April’s swimming cover. It was the first one I saw when I read the post, and it almost brought tears to my eyes, seeing a visual depiction of one of my favorite scenes, one of the most intense and heart wrenching moments between Nikki and Pax. Then there was Eileen’s wheelchair cover. This one made me feel…proud. Proud that there was a chance we might be putting a book out there with a cover that says, “Bam! This love interest is in a wheelchair. And guess what? He still manages to sweep her off her feet like it’s his job!” I simply adore the bold honesty of this option. Then I saw April’s snapshot cover and was like, “Oh damn. Look at that.” It took the swimming cover to a whole ‘nother level, and the attitude conveyed in the selfie snapshot was just so very Pax! And there’s no denying the visual appeal of Anna’s ferris wheel cover. I was amazed at all the symbolism she was able to capture with a single photo. It’s stunning, and as one voter commented, I could almost see it as a poster on my wall.

Obviously, I would have been 110% content to have any of the options above gracing the cover of my book. That being said, I’m extremely excited and satisfied to announce that Eileen’s stars cover has been selected as the winning cover direction for How to Keep Rolling After a Fall!

Her vision captures so much about the content of this book at once. It’s a fabulous representation of several scenes in the book where Nikki and Pax end up sharing some intimate, honest moments on the beach at night. I love the artistic effect of the sky and how it complements the title of the book. Lastly, I’m so glad that she found a way to incorporate the image of a wheelchair without having it overpower the rest of the scene. It’s perfect for this story, because once you get to know Pax, you’ll understand that the boy would never allow himself to be defined by his wheels.


I want to express my most sincere gratitude to the artists who designed these options. I love every single one of them, and will be right click-save’ing them to look at time and again. It’s a privilege to be able to associate such beautiful images with my story.

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