And the winning cover for ALL THE FEELS is…

A long-distance hello from the balmy Caribbean island of Dominica where I’ve been volunteering the last few weeks. Despite the challenges of dodgy internet and limited computer access, I have avidly followed the neck-in-neck race for the cover of All the Feels.


With so many AMAZING choices, I was as undecided as everyone else. Each of the covers — from the buttons, to the shrine, to the fangirl swag — has a special place in my heart. Each of them does a beautiful job of capturing the nuances of Liv and Xander’s relationship, and the epic scope of fandom. How do you pick between favorites?!


But… but… but what if your gut is saying CHOOSE ALL THE COVERS?!?


The answer, of course, is to leave it up to the voting public. That’s YOU! And since the final tally has rolled in, I can stop my internet lurking and begin the process of FLAIL.


It is my absolute JOY to share the final cover selection for All the Feels.


Thank you to everyone who came together to make this happen: from the designers, to Holly, Lauren, Emily, and the rest of the Swoon team, and to my hubby who graciously offered to “sketch something up” when I said I needed help making a cover so many months ago.

But my biggest thank you goes out to YOU, the readers. You’re the ones who made this happen!




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