A Very Wedding Weekend

Julia and Greg

Julia and Greg

I think it is fair to say that we at Swoon Reads have love on our minds more often than not but today my swoon worthy thoughts are going into over drive. In a few short hours I am headed to Cape Cod to spend the weekend celebrating the wedding of my best friend from high school as she marries the love of her life, Greg. Not only have I spent the whole day thinking about how amazing it is going to be to spend a the weekend celebrating two beautiful souls who are truly meant to be together as they embark on the next phase of their lives but since I am also a totally nostalgic person the upcoming weekend has also got me thinking about my love for Julia and our journey as best friends. Hence I dedicate this blog post to a pair of best friends and their shared love of books.

Julia and I become friends our freshman year of high school during gym class, both being the bookish, artistic types we bonded over our inability to excel at organized sports. It was a fast friendship, the kind where it was probably annoying for other people to hang out with us because we only really wanted to hang out with each other. We did everything together, shared all the same interests (or pretended to), and deferred to each other’s opinion on all things. We were basically going out. I like to think I was Julia’s first love before Greg.

One of the interests we generally shared was a love of reading. With our small group of friends we used to pass books around and share our thoughts at lunch or during gym class when we were sitting on the sidelines hoping to not get picked for the team. It was kind of like a casual book club but without the wine. I remember our group being particularly passionate about The Perks of Being a Wallflower and we definitely attended more than one midnight release party for Harry Potter. Being typical New Jersey teenagers, we also spent a lot of time hanging out at the Short Hills mall but our time there was spent more at the Borders than at The Gap.

As it happens in life, our friendship changed after we went away to college and while we no longer need each other to validate all life choices we still have books and reading to bond us together. Even when Julia’s literary tastes advanced to Ishmael by Daniel Quinn and rereading all the classics we had skipped in high school like The Grapes of Wrath and The Great Gatsby and mine moved more in the direction of vampires, ghosts, and witches the written word and the role it played in our lives, me with a life in publishing and Julia with an MFA in creative nonfiction and a popular podcast called Literary Disco, still connect us.


So cheers to you, Julia and Greg! I have my tissues in hand and can’t wait to get this weekend started.

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