7 TikToks Every YA Lover Should Watch

I never *got* the appeal of Tiktok. For months just about every friend and classmate I know downloaded the app and spent endless hours scrolling through the short-form videos on it. Yet every time I’d watch the videos I felt it was a fad I couldn’t get into. One change of heart later and I’m ready to admit the truth: the TikTok revolution is here and there’s no use fighting it.

The key to enjoying the app, it seems, is to find your niche. If you’re reading this post I’m going to take a wild guess that your niche is being an avid YA lover. In that case, I’m happy to tell you there are dozens of TikTokers posting book recs and relatable content for readers. If you’re still not convinced, here are TikToks for every type of reader that may just make you laugh.

For readers who just can’t pick a favorite book boyfriend

For readers who have just finished a favorite series

For readers that need to tackle their mountainous TBR

For readers excited for Cemetery Boys (out in September!)


If you want gender-affirming magic, m/m romance, and a trans main character written by a trans author, pre-order Cemetery Boys! ##lgbt ##books ##trans

♬ vsauce time - fishie.fish

For readers in need of a book for their backyard picnic

For readers who feel misled by the glamour of YA romances

For readers who know you’re never too old to love YA

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