7 bookish wardrobe essentials for fall


Can you feel the crisp autumn air? That means it’s time to start browsing for fall clothes, obviously. And when it comes to clothes and accessories, the more bookish, the better! Here’s a round-up of some of the coziest, cutest, and bookiest (let’s pretend that’s a word) fashion finds:


Catcher in the Rye flats


JD Salinger’s classic, Catcher in the Rye, is peppered with references to fall, from football games to Holden’s hunting cap. So what better way to prance into fall than in these adorable Catcher in the Rye flats?






Great Gatsby Fleece sweater


I love me a cozy fleece sweater. And if that sweater is printed with one of the most gorgeous book covers of all time, which belongs to one of the greatest books of all time? Jackpot.









Book Worm Sweater Brooch


Announce your bookworm status with pride with this quirky sweater brooch! Plus, now you can keep the sides of your cardigan from being annoyingly uneven. Because we all know that’s a very serious problem.





Bookshelf skirt


I’d love to get my hands on this skirt and pair it with a soft sweater, comfy scarf, and knee-high boots. With its autumnal colors and classic A-line shape, it’s perfect for fall!






Book sweetheart dress


Looking at this adorable dress makes me want to curl up in an old, wood-paneled library, sip some tea, and watch the leaves change outside… all while wearing this dress (and a cardigan), of course.










Cask of Amontillado/Edgar Allan Poe scarf


As dusk starts to fall earlier and Halloween approaches, this wicked scarf with a quotation from Edgar Allan Poe’s eternally creepy “Cask of Amontillado” is the perfect addition to any bookworm’s closet.









The Strand Cat with Book tote


Of course, no bookish wardrobe round-up would be complete without a tote bag. We bookworms are always lugging around a stack of books, so we understand how necessary a good, sturdy tote bag is—we have to stash those books somewhere! And of course, this tote has the magical equation: Book + cat = love.







What are your favorite items from this list? Did we miss any bookworm fall essentials? What are some of your favorite bookish items in your own wardrobe?

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