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6 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Readers and Writers

Still searching for the perfect gift to give that writer or reader in your life? Or maybe you’re doing a little shopping for you and you’re looking for inspiration?

I gotchu.

Here’s some things I found online that would make perfect gifts this time of year.


We readers love a good bookmark. There are some truly beautiful hand painted ones, or cutout bookmarks, or even some personalized paper bookmarks. If you’re looking for something more unique, try looking for metal, leather, or fabric bookmarks. I love these fabric flower bookmarks from LoveMaude on Etsy.



Again, maybe not the most original idea, but there are some super great notebooks out there, and we writers can never get enough. For example, how cute is this Kate Spade “She Wrote The Book On It” folio notepad?


Bookish Clothes

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a good pun t-shirt. There are so many online to choose from! Don’t limit yourself to shirts either. There are all kinds of scarves, socks, and other literary pieces out there. Check out this amazing literary bow tie from DapperGent on Etsy!


Bookish Jewelry

The sky’s the limit here. Seriously. Do a search online and you’re likely to find more than you can afford. Try looking for quotation marks, lines from their favorite books, or library-inspired designs. This ampersand necklace from ADMKStudio on Etsy is one of my favorites.


Library Things

We bookish people love the library. So, any kind of tote bag, notebook, or design that features the iconic library card is sure to be a hit. But what about their personal library? I know I lend out books to friends all the time, so this custom embosser stamp from SusanCraftsShop on Etsy is just the thing.



And of course, last but not least, books! Get them a gift card to their favorite bookstore if you don’t know what book to get them. Or maybe consider buying them a month or two of a subscription to a book box you think they might like. The options here are practically endless. I’m a fan of LitJoy Crate, and they have some great books available.


Really, you can’t go wrong with any of the gifts on this list. Now, please excuse me while I make a wish list a thousand items long. Happy shopping!

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