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The 5 Stages of Your Fave Book Becoming a Movie

Books get turned into movies and TV shows all the time. Divergent. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda. And I usually love when this happens, because a.) more people read these novels, which is a good thing and b.) some great movies and shows have come out of novels (the Harry Potter movies, anyone?). I’m certainly not a book-to-movie naysayer.


It’s a totally different experience when the movie being made is based on one of YOUR favorite books (cough STARGIRL cough). You know, that book that you own in hardcover, and paperback, and e-book. The books that you talk about within five minutes of meeting a new person. When that happens, we all go through the same stages on the road to acceptance.

1. Excitement

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Oh yay! I’m going to get to see my favorite characters on screen. People are finally going to fall for the fictional people who I love. And I’ll have an excuse to eat Twizzlers!

2. Confidence

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I wonder who they’re going to cast as the leads! I’m sure it’ll be the celebrities that I’ve known for years just have to play these characters. I am confident my vision and the filmmaker’s vision exactly line up.

3. Fear

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Oh no. What if the filmmaker doesn’t have a direct line into my thoughts? What if they read the book and see it totally differently? What if they’re going to set it in space, or underwater, or make all the characters dogs?!

4. Dread

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NO NO NO they can’t cast that person! They can’t set it there! What are they doing? Did we even read the same book?!

5. Acceptance

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This movie may be a total dumpster fire but I’m going to see it anyway, because I need to support my favorite book and also Twizzlers.

What emotions do you experience when your favorite book gets the cinematic treatment? Let us know in the comments below!

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