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3 Dream Vacations Inspired by YA Reads

If you’re anything like me, you’re bit by the travel bug every year when the weather turns cold (or, let’s be real, when the weather is warm—I just love to travel). What better place to find your next vacation spot than in one of our Swoon Reads titles? Check out our recommendations based on Swoon Reads books below (and don’t blame us when you book a trip!).

If you love Defy the Sun, you’re going to Santorini, Greece!


Jessika Fleck’s series (this is book two, following Beware the Night) is set on the fictional island of Bellona, but it serves up major Mediterranean vibes. If you’ve recently read this book, a trip to Santorini, Greece is probably right up your alley (and, bonus—unlike Bellona, it’s not ruled by an evil mastermind!).

If you love Going Off Script, you’re going to Los Angeles, California!

GOS_los angeles.jpg

I don’t believe you have to be either a Los Angeles or a New York City person. I’m a “both” person, and I’m always happy to trade in my winter coat for a bathing suit and sunglasses. If you read this book and it doesn’t make you want to go to LA, I’m happy to go in your place! I’m just that nice.

If you love Just My Luck, you’re going to Maui, Hawaii!


If you need an excuse to go to Hawaii, this book provides one. Just try to not buy a ticket after you finish this book. Jennifer Honeybourn’s book will transport you to the beaches and ritzy hotels of Maui until you can get yourself there IRL.

What recent books have made you want to travel, and where did they make you want to go? Tell us in the comments below!

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