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2017 YA Novels You Should Read, Based on Your Hogwarts House

SO many amazing books came out this year (and we still have six weeks to go, for goodness’ sakes)! How the heck are we supposed to know where to even start?! Well, yours truly and the Sorting Hat are here to help!

Below you’ll find recommendations for YA novels that came out in 2017, sorted (ha) by Hogwarts house. If you don’t know what your house is, I HIGHLY recommend you take The Quiz—the official Pottermore one—to find out. And prepare for possible identity crises. (If you don’t have/want a Pottermore account, this version is the next best thing.)

Take a look at the list below and tuck in! Ravenclaws aren’t the only ones who read, ya know.

One thing to note: I purposely kept this list to only first books in a series or standalones. Also, it’s in alphabetical order both by house and then author’s last name, so my own house getting to go first is completely coincidental and totally not favoritism. *wink*

gryffindor use this

even the darkest stars

Even the Darkest Stars by Heather Fawcett – Kamzin is the kind of person who daydreams about death-defying climbs up treacherous snowy mountains (pretty par for the course where Gryffindors are considered, let’s be real). So when she gets her shot to do just that with the kingdom’s greatest explorer, she’s totally jazzed. Never mind the imminent threat of avalanches. But her courage is put to the ultimate test when she’s torn between protecting her sister, who’s on the same mission with a rival explorer, and winning the race to the summit.

dare might things

Dare Mighty Things by Heather Kaczynski – Assuming just the title isn’t enough (it is), Cassandra is a total #girlboss who is not about to let anyone or anything stop her from fulfilling her dream of reaching the stars. But her heart is as big as her dreams, and she finds herself bonding with her fellow competitors despite her single-minded intentions to win. But then she starts to feel that perhaps the true nature of their mission hasn’t been completely revealed to them… Ruh-roh.

the valiant

The Valiant by Lesley Livingston – Fallon is an actual honest-to-goodness Warrior Princess. Her father is a Celtic king, and her legendary warrior sister was slain in battle. Ever since Fallon was big enough to hold a sword, she’s been champing at the bit to follow in her sister’s footsteps. But then she’s captured and sold as a gladiatrix-in-training. Fallon has to summon every ounce of badassery to survive the arena… so it’s a good thing that she’s got a lot of that.

the big f

The Big F by Maggie Ann Martin – Applying to college is the #1 Most Terrifying Thing to a LOT of teens. What if they don’t get into the school they want? What if they *gulp* don’t get in anywhere at all? Danielle faces exactly that conundrum, and it is exactly as scary and disheartening as you might imagine. But when Danielle falls down, she gets back up, dusts herself off, and faces the problem head-on, taking the initiative to enroll in the local community college until she can get her life back together. Rawr!



Caraval by Stephanie Garber – Scarlett is ready to do anything to protect her younger sister, Donatella—especially from their terrifying father—including marrying a complete stranger just for the chance to finally leave their childhood home. But headstrong Tella has other plans, kidnapping Scarlett and whisking her away to a mysterious island where the legendary game of Caraval is soon underway. But when Tella goes missing, Scarlett doesn't care about the magical frippery or dazzling mysteries of the game, she just wants her sister back. And she'll need to keep a level head on her shoulders and a strong will in her heart in order to survive the game and find Tella. (After all, Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders.)


I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo – Desi has reached pretty much all of her goals at this point—soccer star, student body president, etc. And she's confident she's got admission to Stanford nailed down too. No sweat when you're as PATIENT and UNAFRAID OF TOIL as Desi is. But there is one area that could still use some improvement... her flirting game. *shudder* But Desi's got her foolproof "K Drama Steps to True Love" to guide her as she goes after hot, brooding artist Luca. She's totally got this... right?


Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu – Vivian has had enough with the sexist double standards in her school, so she takes action. She starts a feminist zine and secretly distributes it to her classmates, not actually expecting anything to change. But it DOES. Emboldened by Viv's awesomeness, girls throughout her school, from every friend group and popularity tier, start coming together to fight the power. Viv may not have meant to start a revolution, but sometimes all it takes is one person speaking up to get the wheels of justice turning.


When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon – Dimple is an Independent Woman. She graduated high school and is so ready for a little away time from her family, which she'll finally get once she goes off to her awesome summer program for aspiring web developers. She loves her family, of course, but the talk of finding the perfect husband is starting to get a little... old. Little does she know that Rishi is also going to the web developer program, and he's been told that Dimple, his "future wife," will be there and he needs to do his best to woo her. Rishi is a hopeless romantic who loves tradition and stability, so he is all for it. Will opposites attract?

ravenclaw use this

book jumper

The Book Jumper by Mechthild Glaser – Amy becomes the Absolute Luckiest Girl in the World™ when she discovers she has the power to leap into any book and interact with the imaginary world inside. Totally every Ravenclaw’s dream, right? Well, turns out it’s not all Jane Austen and Jungle Books all day, as Amy soon finds out that someone is stealing from the books she visits. Who DOES that?! Amy is having none of it and vows to stop the culprit at any cost.


The Epic Crush of Genie Lo by F.C. Lee – Compared to getting into Harvard, what are a few dozen bloodthirsty hellspawn? High school overachiever Genie gets to answer that question firsthand when her intensive SAT prep is sidelined by a demonic invasion of mythic proportions. The flashcards and practice essays will have to wait as Genie learns to control an immense inner power that could either save the world—or destroy it.


One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus – Nothing good happens in detention. And the least good thing ever happens at Bayview High when five students walk in and only four walk out alive. Who is the killer? Any Ravenclaw will jump at the chance to try to decipher the identity of the murderer before everyone else… and will also continue to leave any detention-ing to brash Gryffindors who are silly enough to wander the corridors at night or something.

my new crush cover

My New Crush Gave to Me by Shani Petroff – Charlie doesn’t need the magic of the holiday season to make her wishes come true: She’s got a plan and a day planner. Armed with her scheduling-to-the-second savvy and trusty, probably-color-coded itinerary, there is nothing that will stop her from scoring a date with her crush, Teo. If only she didn’t need help from the infuriatingly unorganized and spontaneous J.D., Teo’s cousin…



Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao – No, I did not pick this one because the cover is green and has a snake on it. ...OK maybe a little bit. But it's still awesome because it's about Xifeng, who is destined to be a great and powerful empress. The only catch is that she'll have to dump the guy who loves her (because there's no time for dating when one is taking over the world) and unleash a cruel, terrifying magic from within. Will she fulfill her dark and terrible destiny? Or is the price of power too high? Only Xifeng can choose her own path.


Meant to Be by Julie Halpern – At the age of 18, the name of everyone's MTBs ("meant to bes") appears somewhere on their skin. Plenty of people take this information and run with it, falling head over heels with their MTB—if/when they find them, that is. But Agatha isn't sold. She scours the internet for her MTB, but at the same time she's falling for a coworker at the local amusement park. And part of her definitely wants to just screw destiny and make her own decisions. #TeamFreeWill

The Midnight Dance final cover.jpg

The Midnight Dance by Nikki Katz – There's something decidedly... off... about the Grande Teatro and the dance students housed there. Penny is one of the students at the super exclusive boarding school, which is overseen by the mysterious (and mysteriously attractive slash kinda creepy) Master. When Penny starts getting headaches and strange flashes of memories that aren't hers, she enlists the help of kitchen boy Cricket to unravel the secrets of the Grande Teatro before her mind unravels first. If your aesthetic includes misty midnight woods and gothic manors (which, same), this one's for you.


Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller – Sal is a great thief, but they have their sights set higher than mere highway robbery. So when they discover an opportunity to infiltrate Court—and potentially get revenge on the nobles who destroyed their home—Sal puts their single-minded ambitions to work. It won't be easy: they're auditioning to be one of the Queen's elite assassins, after all, and their fellow hopefuls aren't exactly about to play nice. Which is actually fine since Sal isn't about to play nice, either, and will do anything to win. But as they climb higher in the rankings, Sal starts to wonder whether there is a different path... one they can perhaps someday take alongside a certain intriguing Court scribe named Elise.

What do you think, Swooners? Got any of your own House recommendations? Accio comments!

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