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10 Things All Book Lovers Do During the Holidays

You’ve decked the halls with stacks of books, strings of lights, and, well, more books. Now all you have to do is actually survive the holidays. The best way to cope with family drama, fruitcake, and itchy sweaters is of course taking solace in the words of your favorite authors. Here’s a list of ten things that all book lovers do during the holidays:

1. Give books as presents—to everyone on your list. 

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Sure, your brother asked for Deadpool, but he’ll take that back once he reads that bestselling sci-fi thriller!

2. Change the subject at awkward family get-togethers to your latest read.

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If you’re forced to socialize, it should be on your terms. You should probably talk about books and avoid any dating advice your aunt throws at you.

3. Fill your wish list with books and book-related items. 

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“Yes, Grandma, I would like the book necklace in addition to the book bracelet . . . No, I’m not obsessed; it’s fine . . . Would you excuse me? I’m going to go read . . .”

4. Secretly hope for a huge snow storm so you have an excuse to stay in and read. 

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Snow, tea, canceled plans, and reading your favorite book by the fireside. Does a more perfect night exist? (Spoiler alert, the answer is absolutely not.)

5. Sneak books into every event you attend. 

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Your aunt’s Christmas party? Check. Holiday work party? Check. Family brunch? Check, check. (You brought a back-up read just in case.)

6. Request a special edition of a book you already own.

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“I mean, yeah, I already own four copies of Jane Eyre . . . but this one is leather bound AND has a special edition map!”

7. Pore over your favorite books from your childhood while visiting your parents’ house.

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Nothing beats the smell of old books and that feeling of nostalgia page after page.

8. Read your favorite book by the fire while stuffing your face with a copious amount of holiday desserts—and being super careful about not getting chocolate or crumbs on the pages!

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(And not always succeeding.)

9. Take pictures of all the books you get as gifts. 

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String lights are definitely included for that cozy holiday look. Your Instagram never looked more bookish and beautiful.

10. Stay up way too late reading all those books! 

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Sleep is for the weak.

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