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Wilf Gibson

Brisbane, Australia

Reader & Writer



NOTE: I love reading the books on here and leaving reviews and comments. If you want me to check out your book there is a list. Those who review my story (even in part) go next. I was trying to work through my followers but I have completely lost track of who is following me.

WARNING: If I read your manuscript you will get criticism. Also a lot of in-line comments.

Writer, painter, and musician from Brisbane. I've been creating things in some form or other since I was old enough to hold a pencil. There's this macabre flavour that seeps into whatever I'm working on.

Favorite Books

Blood Meridian, Dune, The Black Company, 'salem's Lot. Aside from that I mostly read things I shouldn't.

ON SWOON READS: Emergent by Jenn Bridgewater, Dark Roots by Carys J, Hellhound by Agape Karveli, Alexander and Rosalind by Michael Robertson.

Favorite Quotes

Two, and they're paraphrased: "The truth is we take in stories emotionally, not logically. How does it feel? The rest is all texture." - FILM CRIT HULK "Emotions are their own tension." - Charlie Jane Anders

Favorite Genres

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