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Wilf Gibson

Brisbane, Australia

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WARNING: If I read your manuscript you will get criticism. Also a lot of in-line comments. Writer, painter, and musician from Brisbane. Former meat-eater. Ace. I've been creating things in some form or other since I was old enough to hold a pencil. There's this macabre flavour that seeps into whatever I'm working on.
I'm working toward purple tier and am getting a list of books to read. If you want to get on the list then just get my attention by checking out one of my novels and leaving a 3 chapter review.

Favorite Books

ON SWOON READS: Emergent by Jenn Bridgewater, Dark Roots by Carys J, Hellhound by Agape Karveli, Alexander and Rosalind by Michael Robertson, Rose of Fire by Renae Wright, Trickster's Child by Alexandra Gabriel.

Favorite Quotes

Two, and they're paraphrased: "The truth is we take in stories emotionally, not logically. How does it feel? The rest is all texture." - FILM CRIT HULK "Emotions are their own tension." - Charlie Jane Anders

Favorite Genres

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