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Valerie Burkhard

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Reader & Writer


Valerie is not only limited to reading and writing; she is also pretty good in computer graphics. She has participated in many competitions and has even successfully made an online game.

Valerie is a lover of chocolates and an eldest daughter in her family. When she isn't trying to finish her school work or project, she spends her time reading and writing. She gets inspiration from reading books of all genres. She likes to do/watch/read about anything that has to do with stories.

"Sometimes I just wish I could conjure up a story by using nothing but my imagination"-Valerie

Favorite Books

The first book that introduced me to the world of reading, the book that made me want to read more and inspired me to write, would be..... "TWILIGHT!"... Nope..."HARRY POTTER!".... Nope...."HUNGER GAMES!"...Nope...It was.... "The Iron Fey" series by Julie Kagawa. I am a HUGE fan of hers.

Favorite Quotes

I think books are sexy. They are smooth and solid and contain delightful surprises. They smell good. They fit into a handbag and can be carried around and opened at will. They don't change. They are what they are and nothing else - Sue Townsend

Favorite Genres

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