T. J. Martins

Lagos, Nigeria

Reader & Writer



T.J. Martins is a Nigerian, 18-year old author of 9 books (8 novels, 1 novella) all based on a central theme of the vices of human relationships and their overall impact on the society. Although their glaring genres seem to range from YA to Romance, he thinks the term – Relationship is more appropriate but wouldn't legitimately claim its the genre since he is yet to ascend into a domineering or influential capacity in the literary society, where he could propound a new genre. When he isn't writing or fantasizing about winning the Nobel prize—he could be found lamenting that The Sims 4 video game isn't an improvement on its predecessor and needs a plethora of packs to make it wholesome.

Favorite Books

The Fault in Our Stars by John GreenAll The Bright Places by Jennifer NivenPublic Relations by Katie Heaney & Ariana Rebollini

Favorite Quotes

“You have to be your own biggest fan.” – Unknown.

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