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Tarun and Kelly met in a freshman year writing class at NYU and started writing These Vicious Masks a few years later.

Tarun is a writer living in Los Angeles whose idea of paradise consists of kung-fu movies, David Bowie and chai tea. Since completing his first horrible screenplay in high school, he's written everything from one-act plays and film criticism to humor pieces and strongly-worded emails. He's also magnetized, crushed and burned the hard drive where that first screenplay can be found.

Kelly is a writer and actor living in NYC. YA is her absolute favorite thing on earth other than cupcakes and she has spent many hours crying over fictional deaths. She also started reading Harlequin romances at a possibly too early age (12?), and still loves a good paperback romance.

Favorite Books

Indiscretion - Jude Morgan
A Great and Terrible Beauty - Libba Bray
Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

Persuasion - Jane Austen
The Subtle Knife - Philip Pullman
The Importance of Being Earnest - Oscar Wilde

Favorite Genres

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Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Swoon Authors Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas: Where Are They Now?

Dear Swooners,Our trilogy is complete. Our blog tour is underway. We haven’t written a lick of Evelyn dialogue in months. But before we let these characters go for good, we have one more burning question about them. If they were in a classic teen movie universe, what would the freeze frame and text say about their lives after graduating from … Read More


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Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Swoon Authors Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas: Movies That Inspire Us

We really, really like movies. Tarun has been dissecting screenplays since high school and Kelly has been crying at movies for much longer. And we don’t just enjoy them as audience members. We often have long, rambling discussions after we’ve both seen something to really figure out what worked or didn’t for us, and this often leads to a lot … Read More


author, swoon reads, trilogy, Tarun Shanker, movies, Kelly Zekas, These Vicious Masks, authors, These Vengeful Souls
Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Swoon Author Kelly Zekas: From Acting Like a Writer to Becoming One

When I was six I was a fairy in A Midsummer Night's Dream. I didn't have much to do, but I was really into the costume and I liked running around pretending to be something else. And so I told my parents that I was going to be an actress.I never stopped saying that. I said it every single time … Read More


swoon reads, These Vengeful Souls, writing, experience, Kelly Zekas, inspiration, imposter syndrome, author, journey
Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Swoon Author Tarun Shanker: The Three Stages of Research

Research can be overwhelming. If you’re an over-preparer like me, you might have an endless list of books that you feel you need to read and become an expert in before tackling a project. For These Vicious Masks, that involved everything from general Victorian England history, culture, science, clothing and architecture to all the famous Victorian literature and modern superhero … Read More


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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

Swoon Authors Tarun Shanker's and Kelly Zekas' Editing Update: Questions We Asked Ourselves While Editing the Finale of a Trilogy

Hello Swooners,When we first envisioned These Vicious Masks as a trilogy, we didn’t give it too much thought beyond the fact that it had a world and characters we knew couldn’t be contained to one book. Since then, we’ve had a lot more Thoughts–from the exciting highs of getting to stay with our characters and throw new things at them, … Read More


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