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I'm a fantasy writer who loves a good romance story and a happily ever after. I love the story even more if it has a magical twist. If it doesn't, I'll still devour it. I love a strong lead character who isn't afraid to stand strong and fight for what she loves. I'm 30 • A Scorpio • obsessed with lattes • I prefer a hardback novel to flowers • I will stand for hours in a bookstore • I have a bout of wanderlust • I'm hooked on cooking shows • I love to get my hands covered in flour • chocolate is an acceptable substitute to dinner • I found my Prince Charming thirteen years ago • We have a beautiful Princess • I love to get lost in a new world •Find me on social media and I love to share and talk of all things books and writing. "Embrace the Light and you'll never be lost."xo Suze

Favorite Books

I'm a fan of all genres of romance! Give me a beautifully unique and strong heroine and I'm set. I have several go-to authors, but the include Sarah J. Maas, Kim Harrison, R.S. Grey & Colleen Hoover.

Favorite Quotes

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."

Favorite Genres

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