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I'm Shine and I'm a self-published author (since 2016) of a children's book that was inspired by my bedroom who writes MYSTERY stories and song lyrics. Before that let's go to the beginning of my writing life. I started writing songs in 2013. Later on in my life, I've started writing my own Mystery stories series. Though most of them didn't turn out how I've pictured them. Then, I've started having dreams of me with my characters on insane adventures, so I've started writing dreams down in story forms. And before my eyes were MANY STORY IDEAS right in front of me! And now I can't seem to finish them. I still regret on tearing the old ones apart out of frustrations.

Favorite Books

Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Trixie Belden, The Boxcar Children.

Favorite Quotes

"This day, the next, a hundred years, it's nothing. It's a heartbeat. You'll never be ready." (Loki, Thor the dark world)

Favorite Genres

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