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My name is Shelby Painter and I am a 24 year old writer from a small town in Alabama. I'm still pretty new to writing, but it has quickly taken over my life and become my obsession. A day without writing is a day full of anxiety for me. It really keeps me sane! My other loves in life are my beautiful family and friends, I love to read in my down time, and I am also a Netflix fanatic.

Favorite Books

Nine Minutes, The Paper Swan, The Impossible Series, Stepbrother Dearest, Delirium, Twilight (I know, I know), The Fifth Wave, Where I Belong, Looking for Alaska, Hunger Games, Nov. 28, Never Smile at Strangers, and so many more that I'd be here all day trying to list them all off.

Favorite Quotes

"My heart is gold, and my hands are cold."- Halsey

Favorite Genres

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