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I have two wattpad accounts: SecretsStayHere, and Ur_Fav_Bi_WriterI'm bisexual, recently turned seventeen, and am a junior in high school. I love to read, and write more than anything. I have an obsession with anime, and manga. I'd rather read then hang out and shop. Though I hate shopping. I have no interest in drama, unless I can use it in a story, and I love to sing.

Favorite Books

My favorite books vary. I love Inuyasha, which is my first manga book i've ever read, and since then I fell in love with anime. I also love the Maximum ride series by James Patterson. Also I love Street Rats by Jojo_B on Wattpad.

Favorite Quotes

"To be or not to be." by shakespeare which has always messed with my perspective of writing, and makes me wonder about life.

Favorite Genres

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