Sarah Soll

Chicago IL

Reader & Writer


My name is Sarah. I love reading writing and dancing. I hope one day to be as big as Anne Brashares and Sara Shepard. I've been writing stories since I was 14, I got inspirited to write after reading and watching ALL the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants novels and movies. I'm also a big fan of Pretty Little Liars TV show and the books. I began writing a bunch of random words in my notebooks instead of working on my school work, my random words started to become short story which eventually started becoming a novel by the time I was 18. I didn't want my first book to be have mystery in it because I didn't know how to write a book with mystery being in a teen fiction till I watched Pretty Little Liars. I also like writing fan fiction sometimes. You can read my book on Wattpad as well!

Favorite Books

The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants Harry Potter and Pretty Little Liars.

Favorite Quotes

Always Be Your True Yourself. No Matter How Many Times You Fall, Get Back Up.

Favorite Genres

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