Roman S!delnik

Moscow, Russia

Reader & Writer


Roman S!delnik is a highly intelligent person who has covered the way full of overcoming life difficulties: from a young hooligan to a professional manager who runs the large international companies.
Roman is one of those few who live thinking about future. Nothing is more attractive to him than pondering over the possible scenarios in the development of our planet and society in tens or even hundreds of years...
At the same time, during his whole life, he has been studying the motives of the people's behaviour that force them to make certain decisions and act in an unpredictable way. Whether they live in need, or belong to the richest people on the planet...

Favorite Books

Softman, The Fangirl, The Island of Temptations: The Fake Show, The Blind Banner of the Fools

Favorite Quotes

'What useful can I do this day to make myself and my relatives be proud of?'

Favorite Genres

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