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ﻮคɭคאเєร & ๒єץ๏ภ๔

Reader & Writer


🌺🥀 ❝the smell of fresh divine spring flowers can always make anything seem pleasant ❞🌷💐

& ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴍᴏɪ &🗝:

(EMOJI WAR): 👣👁🥀🎋☄️🌈❄️🐾🎗📸⚙️🔮📌💝🔱

💫Lost girl [16] -

Introvert at heart 💎
night 📸owl,
👁Lost in the sea & books
Godiva dark mint chocolate pearls❄️ are life

Perfectionist & OCD,anxiety,depression🌈


👣Born in Brussels, Belgium, Raised in 4+ countries✨

♻ You will never know who I am if you see me; 6th sense is perfected♻

ginzama era 💡,
⚔ a gnivah 🍰 & 🍨,
🕶 nosrep evitpecrep,
dlrow eht ✈ ,
🎓 dren,
efil era🔱 segaugnal,

🌹duly note that if you ever hear me speak consider yourself worth my attention💖

Currently has a sea view outside bedroom window🌊

Favorite Books

Basically, 94.33336666% of books that I read are my favorites.And in my tiny 16 years of life that I've been somehow living without committing suicide - - P A U S E - -I've basically read more than 1000 books....and generally, I just have a sense .So, there's way too many to list~

Favorite Quotes

~🎀There's💕a🌺possible⌚️in🍰impossible 💯~~Again, way too many amazing quotes out there, go search hunting~

Favorite Genres

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