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Hi! So, I'm an avid YA reader. I am also an aspiring YA author. I live in the Los Angeles, CA area. I love quotes. Most of the best ones come from YA. I love the beach and coffee and my teddy bear. I'm a minority and my family doesn't really get the book obsession. I'm a dreamer; I daydream constantly. And I find comfort between the pages of a book that is far beyond my own world. I like that my reality can be a complete fantasy even for just a few hours a day :)

Favorite Books

Throne of Glass series, The Lux series, Red Rising, The Fault in Our Stars, anything by Sarah Dessen, Eleanor & Park, Delirium know what, this question is so not fair! How am I supposed to choose favorites???

Favorite Quotes

I have a whole blog dedicated to quotes!

Favorite Genres

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