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I am both a reader and A writer though I have never written on here before but if I like this site then I will! I am on Wattpad and I love to read and write fantasy and realistic fiction books! I would love it if you guys came and checked out my books on Wattpad or if I end up putting them on here. Anyway if I do please don’t swear in the comments that’s really important to me and yeah! Can’t wait to see if this is a good site. Any opinions on it?

Favorite Books

On this site I really like ‘Under Glass’ which is a really good one! Otherwise I really like the classic ‘Harry Potter’ and also ‘the one hundred’. I really like a lot of books so it’s hard to narrow it down! My top favorite book however is Splintered by A.G. Howard.

Favorite Quotes

‘A gentle word will turn away wrath while a harsh word stirs up anger’ from the Christian bible has probably got to be my favorite!

Favorite Genres

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