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A younger, moody brother. Cool. A rude little, 6 year old sister. Great. Divorced parents. Wow. Gets better by the second. Moving. To a new place with a new, unknown school. Fantastic. But life isn't so bad. It's pretty good, actually since I can escape into this world. My reading and writing world. I have good friends, and good people who weave stories like cloth with their imaginations. Sometimes a simple, beautiful color, and sometimes a very complex pattern with twists and turns that leave the readers baffled and caught onto every word. Thanks, guys.

Favorite Books

Percy Jackson series, Eragon series, Hunger Games series. And a million other amazing stories...

CHEERS TO ALL PERCY JACKSON FANS! TEAM LEO FOR THE WIN! But of course I love all of the other characters too. :3

Favorite Quotes

"Curiosity didn't kill the cat. It opened its mind to greater things." -E.L.

Favorite Genres

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