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I'm Nahla, basically a normal teenage girl that grew an abnormal passion for reading. Also I do writing, but I have stopped for now because I have to make the best out of my senior year. Yes, I'm 17 and I have no idea how I'm going to survive finals, yet also find out what I'm going to do after school. I also like bands (specifically tøp) and I enjoy drawing as well. My parents are from Egypt and I've been born and raised in Germany. I'm very shy (which is bad, especially when you've got a crush) but if anyone wants to talk, I'm really happy about conservations :)

Favorite Books

It would be mean to name the few that come to my mind right now. I'd be discriminating all the others that I've left out. And I'd come again every minute to change this, and then I'd be over the word count within 5 Minutes. Just ask me if it's really that interesting lmao

Favorite Quotes

Obviously, if there's a movie with my name in it, I'll have to honor it. Hakuna Matata.

There's others but I'm too lazy rn

Favorite Genres

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