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My name is Lanae & I'm a certified (and totally certifiable) Rambler. I daydream all the time. When I'm not daydreaming, I'm either reading or writing, but I've been known to go off on a Netflix bender every now & then.Did I mention that I'm a Fanfictionista? I used to think I'd hide that little part of myself when heading into original publishing but ya know what? I've made some amazing friends & between me and them I'd say my days of writing fanfiction are something to be proud of. It was and is part of the foundation that got me to where I am now: Going ALL IN on pursuing my dream of being an author. I also write Book reviews on occasion. Still curious? Shout me out on one of the bazillion social media pages I've listed above. (Especially my personal blog)

Favorite Books

Harry Potter Series/ JK RowlingThe Vampire Huntress Legends Series/ L.A BanksRiley Jenson Guardian Series/ Keri ArthurEasy/ Tammara Webber Pushing the Limits/ Katie McGarry

Favorite Quotes

"Keep in mind that I'm artist... and I'm sensitive about my sh*t!""If you love a book, never hesitate to tell the author. Your email might just arrive on a day they feel like giving up on writing.""Write it down on real paper, with a real pencil & watch sh*t get real."

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