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hEy, I’m strange but you can call me Muffin. I always have a hard time with these bios...everything I type makes me seem like an isolated social which I’m not, in case you were wondering. And no, that's not sarcasm. I think my problem here is that I can't really sum myself up in a bio...or at all, really. Or maybe my problem is that I ramble too much...Psssh, that can't be it. How about i tell you why I joined SwoonReads? Anyway, so I left a Google Docs tab open on my laptop (that I share with my sister so it's technically not mine) and my mom decided to use it for some reason. She started reading my story draft and then asked me where I posted it. Since it was only on Wattpad, I decided to post it somewhere else too...
Now for more things that need to be ACCOUNTed for...

Favorite Books

As far as published books go, I like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and the Sammy Keyes series...probably way below my reading level, but whatever. I also read this book called The Pros of Cons or something and it was good. But to be honest, I end up writing more than I read...oops.

Favorite Quotes

It’s...odd, but here it is. “The only thing we have to fear is gigantic, man eating spiders!” I bet all of you that know where this is from kinda expected this from me because of my genre choices down there. Well, that's that.

Favorite Genres

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