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Asarlai, which means "Sorcerer" in Gaelic, is a medical dispatcher by night, a writer by day, and a bird on the weekends. In between, she's also a wife and mom to a Vizsla hound shelter rescue. Taking the wonderful feedback from her original posting of Chaotic Magic, she has reworked over 90% of the book, deleting scenes and adding new elements. She is currently at work on a second novel, forgoing sleep in favor of writing and reading.
The background pic is how she flies.

Favorite Books

A book that makes me laugh, cry, forget the world I live in. A book that makes me think. A book that takes me on a perilous adventure, where I meet new friends and frightful villains. When I read, I seek the story. No in-depth analysis and buzzwords here, just a reader enjoying a good read.

Favorite Quotes

"Believe the story." --(the genius) Alan Rickman /// "To go wrong in one's own way is better than to go right in someone else's." --Raskolnikov

Favorite Genres

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