Fort Worth, Texas



I’m a 30 year old divorcee. Currently unemployed and living with my parents. So to keep my sanity while trying to dig my way out of this dark hole I find myself in. I read! I love to read. Always dreamed of going in to publishing. Just didn’t happen for me. I’m so excited.

Favorite Books

I’m currently reading the “after” series by Anna Todd. My best friend got me in to them. I love the fsog series, there’s several series I like, the hunted series by ivy Smoak, fallen crest series by tijan, royal series by Erin watt, the addicted series by krista and Becca Richie. Before I knew by JB

Favorite Quotes

“A clean knife still leaves a painful wound.” & “ A perfect kiss will brand your heart with my desire. It will restore you and make you forget every kiss that came before. It will make you dizzy until the answer to every question is my name”

Favorite Genres

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