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No, I wasn't really born in 1969. Or 1942. But one thing's consistent- my age is always changing.

Quixotic, verbose, and so tired of filling out these forms on every networking site that hits recent popularity. I could copy and paste, but then I feel guilty for lacking originality. So, if this impromptu ditty comes off as lackluster then so-friggin-be-it. My life is a kaleidescope that constantly changes. Wait, now I sound like I'm on drugs. I'm not. I wish I was a gypsy traveling the globe in the 60's and 70's, dancing with a tambourine and accompanied by a loud electric guitar. Somehow, I hope to manifest that all in the 21st Century. My listed goals in my high school yearbook were to "Move to NYC, marry David Letterman, and become the most powerful woman in the entertainment industry." I may opt out on marriage, but I made it to NYC, and just have to work on the last goal. I sometimes am considered pretentious, but I can't stand pretentious people. Somehow I can stand myself. Wait, this soundspretentious... so... I really try to be open-minded, and certainly have a sense of empathy that has gotten me into trouble quite often. What they don't teach in grade school is that there is a point of caring too much.

I finished an album- "Chained by Dreams" so check it out at www.myspace.com/michellehotaling, or www.michellehotaling.com. Tell everyone, drive them over by the herds. Go on... what are you waiting for?

Future goals: Be on David Letterman, perform with/open for Stevie Nicks, revisit Niagara Falls, walk every bridge that connects to Manhattan (I have four more to go I think), incorporate glitter in my daily existence, and remember to not take life so damn seriously all the time.

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