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Well hello there, honestly if you're reading this I can't even imagine what convinced you to get here but...Hi.I'm Mercy... You probably haven't heard that name before and if you haven't don't worry, it's completely normal.I could tell you I love books but honestly that simple sentence doesn't quite cut it...I may be a tinny winsy bit obsessed with them and I think that's perfectly normal too...right? I have good days and bad days, days I'd rather hide out in my room with cookies and music and days I just want to go crazy with glee😁But anywho, they're what make me and I'm darn proud of Me even if I don't always feel it. P.S I'm also one of those annoying people who tend to talk and react out loud while watching movies...Yes Dan I've said it, lay of my case.
P.P.S kisses and hugs

Favorite Books

Uhmmm... to be honest I've read too many to remember any favorites and my brain needs cookie power to get there and I don't have any right now so....

Favorite Genres

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